Chains, Chains, Chains

Maximalism is undoubtedly on the rise. In stark contrast to the minimalist styles that defined early 2010, fashion girls are now creating unapologetically bold looks,  opting for a touches of extravagance wherever they can. Wearing luxurious chains to the beach is now a trend. In what would be a laid-back trip that requires little to no styling effort, is now an opportunity to experiment with over the top glamorous accessories. This trend can be traced back to the early 2000’s era, thanks to fashion icons like Aaliyah and Christina Aguilera. If you are looking to master the beach royalty look on your next vacation or poolside even, check out our Antica Luxury Gold Chain Cover Up Necklace and our Cleopatra Luxury Gold Chain Cover Up Dress’

The 'Antica Luxury Gold Chain Cover Up Necklace' is made from decadent shiny chains that perfectly flow across the bust. This piece will give glimmer and style to all swimwear paired with. Whether you choose a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit, this will be sure to make the ultimate statement. The cover up necklace features high quality gold chains that are adjustable behind the neck, and a flattering split design. Turn yourself into an absolute heiress with the 'Antica'.

The Cleopatra Luxury Gold Chain Cover Up Dress is also made from decadent shiny gold chains, meticulously designed to accentuate every last curve while cinching the waist. This style features glistening draping chains, an adjustable waist with a back closure, and a flattering contour fit. Top fashionistas say this is the ultimate accessory and swimsuit cover up dress. You can choose to wear it with any color swimsuit, bright or neutral. Master the art of being a complete goddess with this must-have summer look.