Angela Simmons X Vanity Couture 2022 Calendar Hard Copy


Angela Simmons is all about being 'Built Not Bought'

Since the beginning of the year Angela and Vanity Couture have been working together remotely through the pandemic to create a beautiful collection of twelve swimsuits that accentuate a woman's natural curves.

The line consists of sparkly glitter fabrics, glamorous rich hues and styles that can be mixed and matched to wear in endless ways.

Lets celebrate women loving their skin with twelve months of Angela.

"I want every woman to feel confident in their skin. To embrace their body, femininity, power and being sexy. Love your body! I've named each swimsuit after women I love and adore. Women are powerful!

                      Cheers to loving you,

                                      XO Angela Simmons



Measurements: Calendar is 8.5" x 11.7 " inches When closed, 17" x 22.4" when opened.





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