Shopaholics Anonymous

Shanté Renee Roline

Posted on May 20 2019

Shopaholics Anonymous
Growing up in a family where we understood the value of money at a you age, I always had to pick and choose what I purchased. Now for some, this might not sound very apealing and for others it sounds like a great set of skills learned early in life. I had my first job at 14 years old as a barista at a fair that came to town annually, and this is where my shopping obsession began. Now I always had an eye for extravagant things, I loved anything with distinct detailing, bold hues and a little sparkle never hurt. I went to a private arts school where most students came from wealthier families, so I had the pleasure of being introduced to luxury fashion items from my circle of friends. In order to buy the things I yearned for, I worked very hard. I remember the first time I purchased a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. They were baby pink with crystals on the side, the frames didn't even really look that great on my face but I had to have them. I worked for an entire month to save for these sunglasses. I was SO PROUD of my well deserved purchase. You could see me radiating around the city in those sunglasses. I'm pretty sure I wore them everywhere I went for quite some time! Work, save, shop, work, save, shop, and thus my routine continued. At the age of 22 I remember sitting in my walk in closet and calculating how much money was hanging in there. 40,000$ worth. Absolutely ridiculous, beautiful but ridiculous. I can hear my traditional Lithuanian grandmother cursing me in the back of my mind. "When we grew up on the farm... I didn't raise you like that, what on earth are you doing spending that kind of money on clothing." It's a great thing she doesn't have a cellphone or know how to use the internet, because I would never hear the end of it. God love her.
Where am I going with this? Well one thing my mother taught me at a young age when we would go shopping and I had a budget, I would always get caught up in wanting different things and feel confused about what to get. She always asked me. "Do you love it?" Are we going to leave here and you're going to be sitting up all night thinking about how much you really wanted this and should have got it?" Okay deal. Then that's the one you go with. She said "Don't be that girl that buys things and never wears them. Thats such waste of money."
I think those are pretty great words to live by.
Some people choose to have heaps of inexpensive items because they get a high off how much they have. I would much rather work a little harder, save a little more, have less items overall but buy the ones that Im in love with. Especially if its made from quality fabrics and I am going to get years of wear out of it. Dont get me wrong, expensive doesn't always mean better. My closet ranges from a 20$ dress I got on sale that gets crazy compliments to 4 digit shoes. What matters is that you love it and you love the way it makes you feel when you wear it.
Vanity Couture lives by these words. We want you to purchase our handmade garments because you love the way you look in them and the way they make you feel. Thats when we know we've accomplished our goal as a brand.

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