Swimwear For All Figures

Shanté Renee Roline

Posted on May 06 2019

Swimwear For All Figures

Whether you are small chested, large chested, bottom heavy or top heavy, Vanity Couture Swim has a style suitable for you. Beautiful women are absolutely everywhere and they comes in all shades, shapes and sizes. Do you know what looks amazing on all these different types of women? Properly constructed swimwear, that's designed to accommodate all figures. The design process of our garments might be a little different from some other leading companies. We don't have a "fit model. We design and then have multiple kinds of women try on the style to see if it will work for different women. In doing this we have not perfected, but have gotten pretty great at satisfying our clientele! 

For more information on sizing and fit, scroll through our instagram @vanitycoutureswim and visit our size chart!

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