The Six 2020 Swimwear Trends You Need to Know

The Six 2020 Swimwear Trends You Need to Know

The best, most popular & top trending 2020 swimwear designs and fashions including One-Piece Swimsuits and bikinis.
For fashion, and swimwear in particular, this year has been like no other. 2020’s biggest beachwear trend has no doubt been finding a cute face mask to match your swimsuit – if you even went to the beach or pool, that is!
But now that the beaches and public swimming pools are slowly reopening, the swimwear fashion trends have come flooding back. And there are a few styles in particular that we’ve been spotting all over Instagram.
Vanity Couture Victoria high leg plunge swimsuit – 2020 swimwear trends

High Leg Swimwear

High leg lines aren’t a totally new trend for 2020, but they’re definitely here to stay. It’s no wonder – this hip-flaunting cut is incredibly flattering on every body shape, both enhancing your natural curves and making your legs look extra-long. 
Vanity Couture Alexa high neck cut-out swimsuit – 2020 swimwear trends

High Neck Swimwear

Leg lines aren’t the only thing that has been on the rise lately. As much as we love a daring plunge, there’s also something to be said for the secure feeling that comes from a higher neckline, especially if you like getting active in the waves. Don’t think a high neckline can’t be sexy too though – there are plenty of styles that combine a high neck with skin-flaunting cut-outs.
Vanity Couture Sandra belted one-piece swimsuit – 2020 swimwear trends

Belted One-Piece Swimsuits

If you’re a one-piece kind of girl, then the 2020 swimwear trend you need to know is belted swimsuits. Like high leg lines, it’s a universally-flattering style – the belt breaks up an otherwise large swathe of fabric, defining and accentuating your waistline for that classic hourglass silhouette.
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Vanity Couture Penelope bikini with metal buckles – 2020 swimwear trends

Swimwear with Buckles

One of the absolute hottest swimwear fashion trends right now is buckles – big, chunky buckles! We’ve seen them on belts, on shoulder straps, as a back fastening… and we’ve also seen them in all varieties from colourful plastic to luxurious metal. You can probably guess that this is our favourite 2020 swimwear trend of all, since almost all Vanity Couture swimwear looks come with at least one of our signature, logo-engraved metal buckles. 
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Vanity Couture Victoria swimsuit in light pink – 2020 swimwear trends

Nude-Tone Swimwear

We likely have the Kardashians to thank for this one. Muted, earthy shades – and especially skin tones – are a major fashion trend of the moment, and they’ve made their way into swimwear too. Our advice: pick a nude at least one shade lighter or darker than your actual skin tone, so you don’t end up looking naked from a distance!
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