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The Most Flattering Bikini Poses for Instagram

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Hottest Bikini Poses

Top Flattering Bikini Poses & Bikini & Swimwear Pose Ideas For Instagram

Everybody wants to get that perfect beach selfie or poolside snap for Instagram, especially when you’ve got a chic new swimsuit to show off to the world. For some of us, striking a killer pose comes naturally. But for others, the positions that looked good in our heads turn out to be less flattering than we imagined when we get home and scroll through the pictures.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of swimwear photography tips, to guide you through all the best bikini poses – the ones that will compliment any and all body shapes.

Oh, and while your body is perfect just the way it is, it’s normal to feel a little self-conscious when you’re as undressed as you can ever expect to be in public. The best way to be looking confident however is to be feeling it! So once you’ve read through our guide below, try them out in front of a mirror until you have a clear idea of which angles you’re happiest with. That way, when you next hit the beach, you’ll be a total pro at nailing the swimwear poses that flaunt what you’ve got!

Most flattering bikini and swimwear poses - beach photography tips (2)

@biancafoo in the Natalya One-Piece (via Instagram)

The Arms Up High

Stretching your arms up above your head naturally pulls in your tummy and lifts your bust, plus it makes your arms themselves look fantastic too. This is also the perfect swimwear pose to try if you’re feeling awkward about what to do with your hands – try adjusting your sunglasses, holding your hair back, or lifting up the brim of a floppy sun hat.

Most flattering bikini and swimwear poses - beach photography tips (3)

@hiimsany in the Natalya One-Piece (via Instagram)

The Recline

Lying flat on your back may be great for sunbathing, but in a photo it can look a bit, well, flat. But if sitting up makes you feel self-conscious about your tummy, then allow us to introduce you to one of the most flattering swimwear poses there is: the glamorous recline. Lean back a little or a lot, bend one leg a little more than the other, and (this is the important bit) arch your back for maximum curves!

Most flattering bikini and swimwear poses - beach photography tips (1)

@skylersimpsonn in the Alexa One-Piece (via Instagram)

The Swivel

If you want to highlight your bum while also making your waist to look teeny-tiny, this is the swimsuit or bikini pose for you. Position yourself so you’re mostly turned away from the camera, but then twist to look back over your shoulder. 

Most flattering bikini and swimwear poses - beach photography tips (5)

@bubalina in the Alexa One-Piece (via Instagram)

The View From Above

Looking for an artsy, influencer-approved shot that makes your whole body look longer and leaner? Lie back (from this angle it’s okay!) and get a friend to stand behind your head to take the photo – bonus points if they can angle it to also capture the fabulous scenery. Remember to bring one of your legs up a little, to better flatter your hips and thighs.

Most flattering bikini and swimwear poses - beach photography tips (4)

Vanity Couture founder Shanté in the Carmen One-Piece (via Instagram)

The Popped Leg

Whether you’re lying, sitting or standing, the best bikini poses always involve having your legs a little bit apart – one in front of the other, or one of them slightly bent. To really show off your hip curves however, we love a leg that’s ultra-popped. It’s a power stance that’s full of fierce, model-esque attitude!


Most flattering bikini and swimwear poses - beach photography tips (6)

@hiimsany in the Victoria One-Piece (via Instagram)

The Hands On Hips

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic. Putting your hands on your hips accentuates your waistline, and shhh, we won’t tell if you squeeze it in for a little added curvature. Plus, if you’re aiming for more of a candid vibe than a clearly ‘posed’ one, you’ll love the casual and carefree mood of this option. Just be sure to throw your shoulders back and tilt your chin up, to avoid looking hunched over.

Now that you know how to pose for the perfect Instagram beach picture, it’s time to find your perfect swimsuit to wear in it.


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